About me - Mezzacraft - Sharing the Art of Crochet
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mezza(4)I studied Art & Design at Falmouth Art School and then took a degree in Graphic Design & Illustration at Southampton Solent University. I now work as a product developer for a large, international jewellery manufacturer. Most of the work is commercial and not particularly creative. So as a creative outlet I enjoy many craft hobbies such as crochet, knitting and sewing and occasional a bit of illustration.
It all started a long time ago…
I moved to Germany when I was two and was put into the local kindergarten. I couldn’t speak a word of German, however the teacher, Frau Pfenning began my integration by teaching me to knit – purely by demonstration. When I came back to the UK aged nine, my mother taught me basic crochet and I became adept at making dolls’ clothes using only single crochet – discovering I could shape garments using increases and decreases. She also influenced my knitting style – I am a “pit knitter”, as was her grandmother.
As an adult, I didn’t rediscover crochet and knitting until my early thirties – 10 years on and my hobbies have become my passion. I feel very privileged to be able to teach and pass on my love of this craft through my classes, in particular through the Riverhouse Hookers